Almost Likely to WAR Having a Mafia Capo – Chapter 6 – New Out Interviews

Growing up at Miami in the 1980therefore, Anthony Caucci discovered early on that things weren’t always what they appeared. Some of the earliest memories have been doing the rounds of neighborhood Mob bars together with his dad, collecting advice from wise men, keeping an eye on the sports stakes, and learning the way the Mafia functioned.
It didn’t take long until Caucci was prepared to step on his own—and that there has been lots of chance from the fast paced, cocaine-fueled underworld of South Florida’s organized crime families.
Caucci instantly established himself as among the savviest players from the world’s most dangerous match. Before he can legally get a drinkhe had been doing business with the Colombian Cartel, smuggling cocaine to america and constructing his own empire, while outwitting the authorities, working his relations with the Mafia, also earning more money than he ever might invest.
After he got too large, the feds pledged to pull him down, no matter what it required. They appeared on his family and friends, followed day and night, and broke some other legislation which stood in their way. But using a cool mind and strong connections, Caucci remained just 1 step forward.
After another narrow escape—now with 50 kilos within his back —Caucci knew that the time was up…and now you’ll never feel what he did.

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