Alphalete Gym on Texas Layover | FDOE Carb Refeed Day! | Flight Attendant Life

Online Training – www.eliteperformancejc.com
Nutritional supplements – www.shoptotalnutrition.com

CBD Oils and Edibles- www.cbdtechnologies.us or IG CBDXLEAN Use Code CHFIT to save $ on your Purchase!
I use and also have attempted:
250milligrams or 500milligrams tincture drops (based on how I’m feeling)
1 gummy bear Every Day
HiQuil night butter in cotton candy taste 10/10!
Upgrades are a 10/10!!!!

Nutritional supplements I Require:
1,000milligrams Ashwagandha NOW Brand
2,000milligrams Acetyl-L-Carnitine NOW Brand
3 capsules FemmeBurn Fat Burner Muscle Sport Brand
3 capsules Hair, Skin & Nails Muscle Sport Brand
900milligrams Omega-3 Fatty Acids NOW Brand
Potassium Plus Iodine/thyroid assistance 1 Tablet NOW Brand
Multi Vitamin
5g Creatine Monohydrate LabTech Nutraceuticals Brand
5g Glutamine LabTech Nutraceuticals Brand
Vitamin D3- two,000 IU NOW Brand
Relora 300milligrams NOW Brand
Pre-Workout w/caffeine Kodiak Attack BEST EVER! From Kodiak Performance Supplements (All tastes stone, attempt to take in w/out water, it tastes just like pixie stix!)
Pre-Workout w/out Caffeine Bio Vacuum had By International Formulas
Sodium 8,000mg/daily complete

Protein Supplements high quality products-
3 Whey from Kodiak Performance Supplements (Chocolate Brownie is #1!)
Lean Whey Revolution from Muscle Sport (Cookies & Cream and Protella are #1!)
Quattro by Magnum Nutraceuticals (Soft Serve Vanilla Ice Cream is #1 !)

All my nutritional supplements are out of Complete Nutrition at Ankeny and West Des Moines. www.shoptotalnutrition.com FREE Shipping on all orders over $99

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