CBD Essence That I CBD Oil and Hemp Taffy Unboxing

It is perceptible can’-uh-buh-dye’-ol 😂😂😂

DISCLAIMER: Excuse the clips y’all😂! I had to get this info out ASAP because CBD oil is where it’s at! CBD Essence products have been a game-changer in my AboveLupus wellness journey and commitment to using natural products:)

My fave CBD Essence products are CBD oil, hemp taffy chews and of course had to hook my dog Skully, up with some CBD dog treats!

CBD Essence is based out of Colorado, and is most def one of the best and most affordable brands on the market. FREE SHIPPING On Orders Over $49. CBD Essence uses 3rd party lab testing – tests are visible below each product on the CBD Essence website.

The mango flavor hits just right and I use CBD to help manage my Lupus symptoms and the everyday anxiety and stressors that comes with being a mom of #threeunderthree With daily use CBD Essence products have helped me:

✔️manage Lupus symptoms
✔️reduce pain and aches associated with arthritis
✔️get a good night’s sleep
✔️manage anxiety and allow focus
✔️reduce stress levels

Great tasting, variety of flavors, and kicks in fast! Click here to secure your CBD Essence CBD Oil, Hemp Taffy Chews, Capsules, Cream, Dog Treats and more today: https://bit.ly/2DLM2iZ

Here’s a breakdown of the CBD Essence products tested in the video:

👉🏿 CBD Oil – Mango Flavor
Full Spectrum Hemp Tincture 1 oz – CBD Oil 300mg

👉🏿 CBD Oil Edible Chocolate Hemp Chewy Taffy – Chocolate Flavor
32 Pieces

Daily Routine
Morning: drop 10mg CBD Oil under tongue (hold for 1-2 min before swallowing)
Evening: Chew 1 Hemp Taffy Chew (before brushing teeth of course 😉

**microdosing as needed throughout the day with the oil and chews**

The oil takes about 15 minutes to activate with full results in about an hour, and chews activate in around 20 minutes, with full results in an hours (although I’m typically knocked out snoring by then).

What’s your daily CBD routine? Leave a comment below.

Learn more about CBD: https://abovelupus.com/category/cbd-oil/

Purchase CBD Essence CBD Products: https://bit.ly/2DLM2iZ

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Disclaimer: Due to YouTube’s Community Guidelines & the contents of this video anyone under the age of 18 must exit now. The contents of this video are for educational purposes and include affiliate links. This is just my honest review based on lab resultscustomer review as well as manufacturer transparency. 18+ Just!


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