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Intro regulars: Schumann Resonance News for seven locations on Earth! A Course in Miracles Lesson 341 in Sun action, cosmic radiation information, Comet Neowise, ☄️🔭🌧️☔👽👽👁️👁️ solar wind news. NASA’s all sky cameras and fireball news for the USA.

Intro: A discussion on our incredible level of quantum entanglement with every being on Eartheven those we don’t like. Now I talked about loving everybody you don’t have to love what they do but you have to love all of the people the Divine Soul inside everybody. If you want your 11th chakra to be opened up that is. There’s some pretty hard topics in this one but I know you can handle it and if it bothers you what I say that means you need to work on it. Remember it’s part of my job as a Heyoka Lightning Shaman to bring up things for healing. Just a little thing I do! Maybe you need to hear this.. As do I. I speak to you as much as I speak to me at the same time. You don’t have to love the craziness in the world; the nightmare reality that people created but you do have to love the people creating it. But you don’t have to believe that the nightmares real either. Have you ever considered that the Catholic church and all Christian churches resulting from it might possibly be a ritualistic cannibalistic death cult? Passing along some strange thoughts this week that made sense and I explore those ideas too.. if I treated my very best friend to the way Christians have treated Jesus for 2,000 years I would be in jail and/or shunned from society at large! Explanation contained within! I also read today a special section on miracles and of course in miracles today from

Tonight’s Topic: Earth Changes Report And Weekly Weird World News! all the craziness happening in the world today including locust in England? OMG this is the end of the world as we know it! The weird world news report today include some pretty crazy ones is it raining potatoes? What about those curses rocks from Colorado? And how does a teenager get rid of pandemic isolation boredom? Buy hoaxing a sighting of Bigfoot of course! All these stories and much more tonight! Enjoy!

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