Fact-Check: Phil Isn’t a CBD Oil CEO, Women Who Hunt & Jase Ended Up in Handcuffs | Ep 188

Jase shares the narrative of the nearest he came into being detained, and if that he insists he did nothing wrong, Al is not so convinced (42:33). Phil and Al fact-check the societal networking articles that assert Phil is operating a CBD petroleum empire (49:57). But , Mia whips up a gourmet meal to your household, also Jase is shocked (11:37). And the men discuss girls who search (18:36), the Bible is really a bestselling publication (38:18), Pilate and the fact in John 18 (27:09), along with politicians as well as the fact in 2020 (32:55).

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Duck Commander Phil Robertson and his own sons ‘ are unashamed of the Christian religion and need to share the Gospel with everybody, from brand new believers to longtime lovers of Jesus. Phil, Al, Jase, along with their guests move outside this four walls of the church to discuss God’s Word and study the Bible together with you. So pour out a glass of tea, and also expertise enjoyable and inspirational tales of family and faith, directly from West Monroe, Louisiana.

Missing Duck Dynasty? Phil Robertson, Jase Robertson, Al Robertson, and much are here in order to share humorous stories, laughs, and also actual chat about Jesus, the Gospel, along with the Bible.


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