How To Use Hemp Wick: All the pieces You Want To Know

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Ah, the hemp wick. As controversies go, it’s fairly tame. However there are nonetheless staunch supporters on both aspect who will actually battle you should you disagree with them.

At Sincere Marijuana, we don’t care how the pot will get lit, simply so long as it does. We’ve used Zippos, Bics, matches, hemp wicks, torches, candles, automobile lighters (are these nonetheless a factor anymore?), even magnifying glasses and the solar.

So, for us, the dialogue — some may even say “argument” — is a bit like debating one of the best container to drink from after you’ve been wandering within the desert with out water for every week.

At that time, you’re not going to care if the water is available in a styrofoam cup or a raccoon cranium. You simply need to get the water in your physique so that you don’t effin die!

That’s just like how we really feel about the entire hemp wick vs. lighters battle. Simply mild the rattling factor and let’s get on with it.

Having stated that (In full Hulk mode, too! Sorry.), the hemp wick is a wonderful addition to the pantheon of hashish schwag that appears to develop bigger every single day. We admit that it does have its place as a wonderful device of the commerce.

However what precisely is hemp wick? How do you employ it? And what are a number of the advantages that hemp wick brings to the desk?

On this article, we’ll talk about these questions and inform you the whole lot you should find out about this divisive little bit of twine.

What Is Hemp Wick?

ball of hemp to make hemp wicks

If you happen to’ve ever used — and even seen — a candle, you’re most likely conversant in the idea of a wick. It’s the piece of string you mild that burns slowly, melts the wax, and, within the case of a Yankee Candle or the like, makes the entire room odor higher.

Regular wicks are normally twisted cotton strands, however you can DIY a wick out of no matter materials you discover helpful. Enter the hemp plant.

A hemp wick is basically a bit of twine made out of — watch for it! — hemp fibers.

To forestall the hemp wick from burning rapidly like a fuse, most producers will coat the wick with beeswax. This additionally offers the hemp wick a bit extra construction so it’s simpler to get the flame into hard-to-reach locations (extra on this later).

So now that you recognize what hemp wick is, you’re most likely questioning find out how to use it. We’ve devoted the following part to simply that subject.

How To Use Hemp Wick

flame on the end of a match

If you happen to’re fully new to the idea of the hemp wick, you is likely to be struggling to determine the place this matches into the chain of occasions that results in you getting excessive. Don’t really feel dangerous, it wasn’t fully apparent to us both once we first encountered these items.

Right here’s a step-by-step breakdown of find out how to use hemp wick:

  1. Flick your Bic
  2. Mild the wick
  3. Drop the Bic (ensure that it’s not nonetheless lit)
  4. Decide up your hashish container of alternative (edibles don’t actually work right here)
  5. Apply the flame on the hemp wick to the Mary Jane
  6. Inhale
  7. Exhale
  8. Blow out the hemp wick (mix steps seven and eight and wow your mates)
  9. Repeat for one other hit

Consider hemp wick because the transport system that strikes the flame out of your lighter — or candle or campfire — to your blunt, joint, spliff, bong, or one-hitter.

Sure, it’s an additional step within the combustion course of, however proponents argue that the hemp wick offers advantages you’ll be able to’t get wherever else.

Why Use Hemp Wick?

flame coming from a cigarette lighter

1) No Butane Contamination

Hemp wick purists argue that lighters like Zippos and Bics give off butane that may taint the smoking expertise. In some ways, they’re proper. Lighters burn butane as gas to maintain the flame alight.

Butane molecules can discover their method into the smoke you inhale. If sufficient gather there, they’ll have an effect on the flavour of your bud for the more serious.

We’ve by no means had an issue with it, however then, we like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and all method of bizarre flavors.

Hemp wicks, then again, don’t current that drawback. You’re basically lighting your hemp with extra hemp.

At most, the hemp wick may give off a barely candy scent due to the beeswax. But it surely seemingly gained’t be sufficient to alter the flavour of your favourite pressure.

2) Style Extra Terps

Butane lighters burn at a surprisingly excessive 3,500 levels Fahrenheit!

That’s scorching sufficient to destroy numerous the terpenes and different helpful substances that marijuana has to supply.

A hemp wick, then again, burns at lower than half the temperature of a butane lighter. It’s nonetheless fairly scorching, however the “decrease” temperature preserves the terpenes within the hashish in order that extra of them make it into your physique.

For the reason that terpenes are largely accountable for the distinctive style you get in every hit, burning your weed with a hemp wick at decrease temperatures means the flavour profile is nearer to the true nature of the plant.

3) Save The Setting, Man

In some methods, it might be argued that utilizing a hemp wick helps save the surroundings.

Lighting a hemp wick doesn’t take so long as blazing away on a blunt or a bong. Theoretically, then, you’ll be utilizing much less butane and, subsequently, much less disposable lighters over the lengthy hauls.

That’s good for the surroundings, man.

You possibly can scale back the environmental affect even additional by lighting an everyday candle after which igniting the hemp wick off that.

In that case, you’d solely flick your Bic as soon as as an alternative of 4, 5, or six occasions for a similar variety of bong hits.

4) Assist Your Native Hemp Farmer

Hemp has been round for a very long time now as a dietary complement (the seeds are wonderful!) and industrial additive, however manufacturing has exploded in recent times as hemp farmers begin to harvest CBD from these multi-talented crops.

We’re all for supporting the hashish commerce — no matter type it takes — so we give our stamp of approval to utilizing hemp wick as a method to assist our native hemp farmers.

Shopping for their merchandise retains them in enterprise and is nice for the business as a complete.

5) Burns Are Dangerous

For these inexperienced tokers amongst us, making an attempt to blaze a bowl with out burning your fingers might be tougher than peeling the seal off a peanut butter jar with out leaving any remnants behind.

Positive, now we all know to show the lighter sideways so our thumb or forefinger is out of the best way. However once we have been new and untrained making an attempt to mild our good friend’s cousin’s brother’s bong behind the health club after college, we burned the hell out of our knuckles earlier than we realized “the best method” to do it.

We will’t inform you what number of occasions we wished to make use of these long-reach matches the snobby of us on the opposite aspect of the tracks used to mild their barbecues and fireplace pits.

We didn’t, in fact, as a result of discuss wanting pretentious. Would possibly as effectively smoke a joint with our pinkies up!

Anyway, hemp wick is basically these long-reach matches with out the unusual appears from your mates. And so they all however eradicate the burns we wore as a toker badge of honor again then.

Resolve For Your self

picture of a checklist

As with all issues marijuana, we normally suggest making an attempt before you purchase or determine — besides DIY CO2 extraction. Don’t do this, ever.

There’s actually no draw back to making an attempt hemp wick for your self. Positive, you might be down just a few hard-earned {dollars}, however you may uncover your new favourite factor.

Principally, we’re telling you to plug your ears, scream “La la la la!” on the high of your lungs, and determine for your self whether or not hemp wick is for you.

No matter route you select, maintain issues pleasant and optimistic. There’s sufficient battle on the earth with out coming to blows over the way you set your pot on fireplace.

It’s The Pressure That Issues

Honest Marijuana cannabis to use with hemp wicks

With all this data in regards to the hemp wick now firmly tucked away within the dank corners of your brainpan, don’t get hung up on the way you mild your pot.

Focus as an alternative on the weed itself.

For one of the best expertise potential, begin with a high-quality, sustainably sourced, organically grown hashish bud like these from Sincere Marijuana.

At our Rocky-Mountain-based develop facility, we make use of world-class natural rising methodologies to supply hashish connoisseurs with the purest marijuana expertise on the planet.

We develop our crops the best way Mom Nature meant: in natural soil with out chemical substances or pesticides. We even hand-trim our crops in order that they’re natural from the bottom up.

Not solely does that make all of your smoking, dabbing, and edible experiences infinitely higher, nevertheless it additionally signifies that the whole lot tastes higher — no matter the way you mild it.

So don’t accept an inferior pressure. Get one of the best strains on the planet — the Sincere Marijuana strains — and expertise hashish the best way it was meant to be.

For extra info on all issues hashish and to take a look at our 100-percent all-natural marijuana merchandise, go to right this moment.

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