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MMJ Recs Could You Get Fired For Getting A Medical Card At Oklahoma?

Could you get fired for using a health card at Oklahoma in 2020? That is a commonly asked question from the Sooner State. Oklahoma’s fledgling medical marijuana market has really taken off since its inception just over a couple of decades back. The country has the maximum quantity of MMJ card-holders per capita in the country, and much more dispensaries than every other nation .

Oklahoma medical marijuana laws are less restrictive than people in different nations. This is only one of the key reasons why the sector has grown so quickly in OK. A great deal of individuals qualify for medical marijuana therapy in Oklahoma, along with the MMJ sector is fostering the Oklahoma market and generating a good deal of employment chances .

However, because medical marijuana was made legal in Oklahoma in 2018, the OK MMJ legislation are tweaked and fine. This has led to a somewhat more restrictive set of principles, in addition to quite a little confusion among MMJ patients at Oklahoma. Among the key regions of confusion is about MMJ and worker rights. So, could you get fired for having a Oklahoma MMJ card holder?


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Picture by chiefyc on Pixabay: Oklahoma’s MMJ legislation are among the least restrictive in America.


Oklahoma’s Medical Marijuana Laws

Oklahoma is a country with a solid historic ethos of respecting liberty and small government. Oklahomans believe in personal freedom and private responsibility. Major government and prohibitive, reddish tape-laden laws are generally popular in OK.

Therefore, unsurprisingly, Oklahoma medical marijuana legislation are a few of the easiest and most restrictive at America. More than in any other nation, the OK MMJ market was permitted to run and innovate without being hobbled by government hindrance.

But, Oklahoma MMJ legislation became marginally more restrictive with the departure of this Unity Bill at March 2019. The Unity Bill added a few information and caveats into Oklahoma’s medical marijuana legislation. Among the primary characteristics of this Unity Bill is the outlining of their rights and obligations of companies regarding their workers’ medical marijuana usage.

Could You Get Fired For Getting An MMJ Card In Oklahoma?

Beneath Oklahoma medical marijuana legislation, it may be terminated for medical marijuana use under certain conditions. The Unity Bill allows companies to determine whether to permit someone who uses medical marijuana to operate in their small business, and whether to employ them not at the first location.

Oklahoma Safety Sensitive Jobs are a group of jobs which are prohibited to perform under the effect of medical marijuana. Some companies will allow workers who do Security Sensitive Jobs to maintain an MMJ card to dose when they’re not on the job. Other companies won’t permit workers who do Security Sensitive Jobs to hold an MMJ card.

Which Are Security Sensitive Work in Oklahoma?

Security Disability Jobs are jobs which “could impact the security and health of the worker … or other people.”

Security Disability Jobs comprise:

  • Dispensing pharmaceuticals.
  • Maintaining, repairing, or operating heavy equipment, or production processes.
  • Running heavy machinery, a car, or power saws.
  • Providing direct individual or child care providers.
  • Jobs that demand carrying guns.
  • Dealing with flammable, poisonous, or volatile substances.


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Picture by analogicus on Pixabay: Individuals who are employed in Security Disability Jobs can’t dose with MMJ when functioning.

What’s Your Oklahoma Standards For Workplace Drug And Alcohol Testing Act?

The Oklahoma Standards For Workplace Drug And Alcohol Testing Act governs alcohol and drug testing at work in OK.

Pot use remains illegal under national law, thus that an Oklahoma employer is allowed to test workers for MMJ and take what activity they select depending on the evaluation outcomes. This won’t consist of national prosecution, but it may involve being terminated.

Does Using an Oklahoma MMJ Card Show Up On A Background Check?

Most background checks won’t disclose which you have an MMJ card. As part of your private health advice, your MMJ standing is shielded by the medical insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). HIPPA doesn’t permit safe medical information to appear on background checks.

Could You Dose With MMJ While Working In Oklahoma?

You can’t dose with MMJ when working in a Security Sensitive Job at Oklahoma. However, if your occupation isn’t a Security Disability Job, your company can make it possible for you to dosage with MMJ when functioning. Whether you can dose in the office is in the discretion of the company.

How Can You Apply For A MMJ Card In Oklahoma?

To submit an application for a medical marijuana in Oklahoma, organize a telemedicine consultation using an MMJ physician via MMJRecs. This online consultation is fast and simple, and after your suitability as a MMJ individual was confirmed, you’ll be given a legal certification through email along with a formal coordinated recommendation letter by email.

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