The Way to Create FECO & Cooker Best cannabis extractions

-Cannabis decarboxylation and stovetop extraction (see directions below).
-How to produce whole Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO).
-Medical cannabis cancer individual dosing.
-requirement to get more law enforcement instruction.
-MO industry stinks, understand what you’re voting when mature utilization is to the ballot.

*Josh Loftis of Home Grow Solutions is an excellent resource for seeds and house cultivation consultation.
*Craig Mortonlong time cannabis urge and chef, teaches the way to do house extraction and extract into meals.

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Cannabis Decarboxylation and extraction:
Preheat oven to 235°
◦ Line cookie pan w/ paper
◦ Split blossom & distribute evenly
◦ stinks for 25 moments
◦ Eliminate

◦ Cube 1 stick of butter
◦ Blend w/ 1 C water into sauce pan
◦ Bring to a simmer & decrease heat to barely a simmer
◦ Insert decarbed weed
◦ Simmer for 3 months. Insert a 1/2 C every hour the 1st two hours
◦ Strain butter/water/weed thru cheesecloth or fine mesh strainer into a glass or metal mixing bowl
◦ At the freezer for about 1 hour 15 minutes or at the refrigerator overnight
◦ Loosen top butter coating w/ knife & pour the water
◦ Butter is prepared to use

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